Is there a Kelley Blue Book RV Trailer?

Kelley Blue Book RV Trailer

Just as it is important to know the true worth of a car when purchasing a used vehicle, it is equally important to know the value of an RV or travel trailer. However, trying to find a used trailer’s price can be a little more complicated than merely opening the Kelley Blue Book at times.

While Kelley Blue Book used to publish their RV or travel trailer edition, they now only publish an automobile edition. Luckily, there are alternative websites that you can use to obtain RV and travel trailer values. Some websites that offer pricing guides and model comparisons are NADA and RVTrader.

Before you post your RV or travel trailer for sale, it is important to determine how much money it is worth. However, searching motorhome websites for hours may leave you with a long list of different prices that are not even remotely related.

Since the Kelley Blue Book specifies only on automobiles, learning how to use your other resources effectively is very important. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at each of the websites available for you to find accurate prices of both RVs and travel trailers. So let’s get started.

Alternate Pricing and Value Guides

RV Pricing and Value Guide by NADA

When comparing alternate pricing guides to the Kelley Blue Book, I believe the NADA RV pricing and value guide is the most similar resource available.

The Nationally Automobiles Dealers Association (NADA) RV Pricing guide is not only the easiest to use the resource, but it is also the most accurate for obtaining accurate RV and travel trailer prices.

Once on the website, you can choose the kind of RV or travel trailer and specify the unit’s manufacturer that you are researching the price and value.

After selecting the manufacturer, you will see a list of models, body styles, and years all with their current price and value. While most manufacturers’ pricing information is up to the current date, a select few manufacturers and weights are only collected up to a certain point in time.

For example, if you are looking for more information on a Coachmen model built after 2009, you will be referred back to the Forest River website for pricing information.

RV Price Checker by RVTrader

The RV Price Checker by RVTrader is simple to use and allows you to get a general value for any RV or travel trailer you are hoping to sell.

Everything is entered on the same easy to understand page and gives you three different numbers with the click of one button (the highest value, the lowest value, and the average value).

While this website works if you are only searching for a general price, if you are looking to find value more specific to your RV or travel trailer’s details and quality, I suggest using the NADA Pricing and Value Guide.

On the NADA guide, you can describe what bonus features are found in your RV or travel trailer, along with inputting the mileage. With this, you can obtain a price more accurate to the value of your unit.

How to Sell a Used RV or Trailer

Kelley Blue Book RV Trailer

Unfortunately, RVs and Travel trailers are a lot like cars in that they depreciate rapidly as soon as they leave the dealership. Because of this, they are selling an RV or Travel Trailer for anything remotely close to the original sale price is near to impossible.

Now that you know the overall value of your RV or Trailer, you may be stuck asking what you need to do to sell it for the highest price possible quickly.

Follow these five tips to make the most out of selling your used RV or Travel Trailer!

Sell at the Right Time of Year

When you choose to sell your RV or travel trailer can make a big difference in how much people will pay.

While you may have just finished out the summer spending time camping in your unit and feel as though you are ready to sell it right then and there, the smarter option is to wait a while.

Unless your RV or travel trailer is specifically built or equipped for winter traveling, you should wait until the next spring to post your RV or travel trailer.

At this time, people start thinking about purchasing an RV or trailer for their upcoming summer travel plans. Because of this, people are going to be more willing to pay a higher price so that they can get out and explore sooner!

Keep Your RV or Trailer in Good Condition

It is crucial to the price of your RV or travel trailer and the unit’s overall value.

Potential buyers of a used RV or travel trailer will be looking for any sign of potential problems to talk down the price.

Be sure that your RV or travel trailer does not show any signs of mold growth, water damage, dents, dings, or other damages. Before you even consider putting your RV or travel trailer on the market, do a walk through imagining that you are the potential buyer, and make a list of any problems you see.

If you saw these problems, the potential buyer will too, and then they will either choose not to purchase your RV or trailer or try to get you to lower your price.

In the future, if you purchase another RV or Travel Trailer, keep in mind that you may want to resell it one day and to try your best to keep the new RV or travel trailer in good condition.

Take the Time to Deep Clean

Alright, now I know that deep cleaning anything, especially the RV or travel trailer that you have been tracking dirt in and out of for months or even years, is not anyone’s favorite thing to do.

However, be sure to set plenty of time to clean the RV or trailer’s interior and exterior thoroughly. If you hope to get the best possible sale price, you should spend at least a full day or two cleanings.

As you are cleaning the RV or travel trailer, be sure to get in all of those tiny nooks and crannies that have secretly been storing dirt for all this time.

While you do the deep clean, this would be an appropriate time to note any little damages that need to be repaired before you are ready to sell your RV or travel trailer.

If it comes to the week before you want to sell your RV or travel trailer and you still have no desire to do the deep clean, it may be wise to hire a professional cleaner.

Just remember that if you hire a professional cleaner, while the unit may look cleaner than you could have done yourself, it will be a cost added to the sale of your RV or travel trailer.

Since RVs and travel trailers already sell for much cheaper than their original purchase price, it is essential to save as much money as possible when trying to sell.

Stage the RV or Travel Trailer

Have you ever wondered why all that beautiful furniture and decor are there when you visit an open house?

Well, if you walk into an empty home, you may have some idea in your mind of how your furniture could be placed. However, when furniture is already staged in the house, you already feel at home before moving in.

The same theory works with RVs and travel trailers!

So, before you take pictures of your RV or travel trailer, set the table neatly, make all the beds, and keep a few items neatly organized in the cupboards.

Chances are, people are going to be willing to pay more for your RV or travel trailer if it is staged simply because they can SEE what it could be like to live (or, in this case, camp) there.

Decide Who You are Selling to

Possibly the most essential thing to consider when selling your RV or travel trailer is WHO you are going to sell the unit to.

While posting your RV or travel trailer online is likely to result in a higher purchase price, it is also expected to take longer to sell.

If you are looking to get your RV or travel trailer off of your hands quickly, consider visiting a dealership to see if they will purchase it from you.

Remember, while selling your RV or travel trailer to a dealership will be much faster than posting the unit online, you will receive much less than you were hoping for.

If neither option sounds like the right choice for you, then consider using an authentic “For Sale” sign in the window! Someone is sure to see it and be curious!

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